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Concept Creative gives back to the open-source community by sharing our tools and expertise.

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At the intersection of self-help and finance, our network provides a rich set of resources on the web.

Free Grants Community

Win your part of the billions of dollars awarded in grants, aid, assistance and scholarships every year.

Since 2009, the Free Grants Community has served tens of millions of pageviews to millions of visitors. Our infrastucture leverages cloud-based technologies to reduce costs as much as possible. While newer technologies like Ruby on Rails, Nginx, and PostgreSQL are touted as must-haves these days, our system goes back to basics. The platform leverages a modern PHP stack atop lighttpd and the file system.

The majority of effort has gone into the finer-points of presentation. Developing for modern web standards means targeting smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers all in one web page. Our advanced design leverages dynamic CSS queries to provide a responsive layout. We also minimize the featureset and deliver as much as possible on initial page load. Reducing the overall render time is critical. Google recommends that pages load in less than a second on mobile devices.

Free Grants Wiki

Be part of a community like Wikipedia. Develop honest information in the confusing world of grants.

Since 2008, the Free Grants Wiki has provided a site like Wikipedia where users can collaboratively share and edit pages about grants. Built atop the open-source Dokuwiki project, the site is packed with features and has been very robust.

Free Scholarships Wiki

Combine the experience and expertise of an internet of people on scholarships and financial aid for college.

Like Free Grants Wiki, the Free Scholarships Wiki has provided a Wikipedia-like site for users to collaboratively edit and promote information.